Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Wind-Up Doll

Anyone who's ever worked in this industry knows restaurants are full of gossip... So let's gossip.  Let's gossip about managers, particularly.  Ever work for a defunct manager?  I have.  This last woman was a doozy.  She even earned herself the nickname Maggot, if you can believe that.  (Ahem, waitress who came up with the name shall remain anonymous...)  She was just such a slime, know what I mean?  And I can't understand why behavior like this is allowed to go on.  It's not specific to her, it's pretty much universal in the industry, but let's just discuss her behavior as an example.

Playing favorites, ohhhh boy did she ever.  One favorite in particular.  We'll just call him Jerky Boy.  I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.  Anyway, this guy got all the biggest tippers and the non-squatters.  (For those of you not in the industry, a squatter is someone who stays at the table forever.)  Not only was he stealing from the rest of us, he was out to get us too.  When Maggot wasn't available to harass everyone, she sent her little minion out to do it for her!  Talk about a lose-lose situation.  Those two were joined at the hip (amongst other places...!) and heaven help you if you got in the way.

Now for the owner.  This is the one I call The Wind-Up Doll.  She and this manager were peas in a pod.  When the Dolly would come in, Maggot would take full advantage of her presence.  From the second this woman got behind the register, Maggot was there whispering in her ear.  Any little thing that had bothered her over the last few hours got blown up to volcanic proportions.  And aside from anything that had actually gone wrong, she would make up stories about the staff.  (Except Jerky Boy of course.)  She was basically out to cause trouble for everyone so she could stay in the owner's favor and to make herself look super productive and competent.  So I'm sure you can figure out what happened.  The Dolly spent the first fifteen minutes of her shift hearing about everything that was wrong in the place, so she exploded at everybody the second Maggot was finished poisoning her mind!  Yikes.

Now, I ask you, how is this for ethics in the workplace?  (Especially within earshot of customers?)


  1. As if dealing with the general public isn't hard enough. It's all who you know. It's always some mental midget at the helm dictating what to do.I myself don't want to work anymore.I just want a job!!! I would probably have a better chance at winning the lottery.It's amazing though,because it's the same everywhere.We fool ourselves into thinking it will be better working somewhere else. In reality we just trade one set of problems most times for another.

  2. whenever i go out to eat i'm always respectful to my waitress. It comes from growing up in the food business. I remember my mom taking me with her to work when there was no one to watch me and I spent time with all the ladies there in the back near the kitchen. I know how hard it is the work and keeping a pleasant persona to each customer going through such bullshit with the management everyday.
    Its great to see someone speaking up about it so more people can understand and be more respectful to the ladies and guys out there working to serve us a warm meal.

  3. This sounds like a place I eat in,if she isant attacking her help, she is fighting with her husband. Get the net.

  4. She should not be in a public place (Maggot) clearly there is something wrong with her. The wind up dolly should realize what she is doing, what kind of place is this? They sound like they are one and the same.